A well planned and coordinated agricultural sector


To ensure coherent planning and execution of agricultural policies and programmes


·        To provide guidance on preparation and implementation of agricultural policies

·        To identify and prepare projects and programme proposals for the Ministry

·        To monitor and evaluate agricultural sector projects and programmes

·        To coordinate agricultural marketing issues

·        To collect, analyze and maintain agricultural statistics databank

·        To coordinate the implementation of food security programmes

·        To analyze and advise the Ministry on sectoral policies.


 The purpose of the Planning Department is to coordinate and provide advice and guidance to the Ministry on matters of agricultural policy formulation, legislation and programmes, to monitor and evaluate the performance of the Ministry, and its implementation of policies and programmes.


¨     Coordination of the development of programmes, policies and projects in the agricultural sector. 

¨     Provision of advance information on food situation at regional, national and sub national levels. However, its implementation can be done through public-public relationship (e.g. with the National Statistics Office (NSO).

¨     Provision of accurate, reliable and timely agricultural statistics but to be implemented through public-public relationship with NSO in future.

¨     Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of programmes, policies and projects in the Ministry and the sector.

¨     Promotion of the development of agricultural markets and trade and that it could be implemented through public-public and public-private relationships in the future.

Organisational Structure

The Department is divided into six units:

 Food Security Unit

 Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

 Statistics Unit