Animal Health and Industry


The purpose of the department is to promote sustainable livestock development to improve nutritional well-being of Malawians and improved rural livelihoods while guaranteeing the safety of the general public from consumption and utilization of livestock products and by products. Promote sustainable livestock development and protect the general public from zoonotic diseases through the delivery of animal production and veterinary services.


The department has the following functions:

       Animal Movement Control

       Disease surveillance

       Import and export certification

       Provision of quarantine services

       Formulation of veterinary legislation

       Inspectorate services

       Animal breeding development

       Animal multiplication

       Disease diagnosis

       Technical message development

       Monitoring and evaluation of programmes

       Immunization/vaccination (contagious)

       Artificial insemination (distribution)

       Animal Treatment

       Training of farmers trainers

       Marketing livestock, livestock products and livestock by products

       Conservation of genetic pool

       Disease Investigation and Diagnosis

       Drugs and vaccines

       Feeds

       Feed ingredients

       Livestock seed

       Conducting livestock estimates

       Livestock policy formulation and interpretation

       Promotion of animal welfare

       Sourcing animals

       Project proposal formulation

       Planning

       Gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming