… To be centre of excellence in agricultural research leading to the generation of cutting edge technologies and promotion of high quality regulatory & advisory services.


To conduct strategic demand driven research which is socially acceptable and to generate environmentally friendly technologies and information including provision of quality technical services to meet the needs of stakeholders thereby alleviating poverty of the majority of Malawians.


To provide guidance on To conduct research on crops and livestock production and processing and provide regulatory and advisory services.


The purpose of the Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS) is to conduct research for agricultural technology development and providing regulatory, regulatory dissemination and specialist services on all livestock and crops, except tobacco, tea and sugarcane.


The Department is responsible in carrying out the following functions:

¨     Providing the following regulatory services

o   Seed certification and quality control

o   Phyto-sanitary services

o   Fertilizer quality control and monitoring



¨     Providing the following technology transfer and dissemination services:

o   Formalization of research-extension farmer linkage

o   Dissemination of approved agricultural technologies to users

o   Management of a digital library and photo archive for each technology

o   Production and distribution of breeder seed

o   Production and distribution of mushroom spawn

o   Establishment and maintenance of fruit mother blocks for scions to support commercial nurseries

o   Conducting training, field days and demonstrations on new technologies

o   Production of station guides, newsletters, catalogues, extension circulars, fliers, journals, and commodity groups annual technical reports 

¨     Providing the following  technical and advisory services

o   Conservation of plant genetic resources

o   Soil and plant analytical and advisory services

o   Plant clinical and advisory services

¨     Providing management information services through

o   Library services through a network of four libraries at Chitedze (Central),  Bvumbwe and Makoka (South), and Lunyangwa (North)

o   Circulation of publications like departmental newsletter, Journal, Annual technical reports, extension circulars etc

o   Stocking of non-book materials such as Compact disks (CDs), online facilities, etc

Organisational Structure

DARS as a centre of excellence in agricultural research was framed into four main divisions:

o   Technology Development

    Technology Management

o   Management Information, and 

o  Administration