The Malawi Government attaches great importance to the development of agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security conducts agricultural research, through its Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS) which started way back in 1938. Thereafter, it was established as a technical department under Ministry of Agriculture in 1975. DARS has been generating agricultural technologies to address the challenges that hinder progress in agricultural productivity, food and income security. DARS is the driving force in the development and dissemination of agricultural technologies in Malawi. Its mission, vision, mandate and core values are as follows:


To be centre of excellence in agricultural research leading to generation of cutting edge technologies and promotion of high quality regulatory and specialist services.


To conduct strategic and demand driven research that generates environmental-friendly technologies and information and to provide efficient regulatory and specialist services that meets the


DARS is responsible for conducting research for agricultural technology development and providing regulatory, technology dissemination and specialist services on all crops and livestock, except tobacco, tea and sugarcane.


Core values

DARS is guided by the following Core Values (TAICROC):

C-Collaborative spirit
C-Commitment to professionalism

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Department of Agriculture research services