-- Agriculture Production Estimate Survey

Pigs, guinea Pigs, Guinea Fowls, Ducks and Rabbits have all registered over 11% increase now pegged at 9,312,073,  729,107,  2,785,288,  3,719,461 and 3,458,230 respectively.

Sheep has registered over 6% increase now at 373,715 while Pigeons and Tuckey have registered over 4% increase pegged at 10,494,914 and 380,602 respectively and Cattle anchors the increase table standing at a 3.4% increase now at 1,959,101 cattle from 1,893,971 for last farming season.

As we are preparing to give out 60 000 goats under AIP to 30 000 family households in the Chikwawa and Nsanje, in the month of June only, a total of 237 goats were passed-on to next level beneficiary as follows: 97 goats to 33 farmers in Chitipa District, 20 goats in Nkhatabay District, 120 goats in Kasungu ADD. Another total of 120 goats were procured by TEVETA and distributed to farmers in Nkhotakota District. 

In the last month, we managed to vaccinate a total of 2,297,027 chickens against Newcastle Disease (NCD), 622,641 chickens against Infectious Bursal (Gumboro Disease), 473,484 chickens against Fowl Pox, 7,166 dogs against rabies and 833 cattle against Black Quarter (BQ).

My Ministry also conducted meat inspection in approved abattoirs and designated slaughter places across the country in a quest to ensure wholesome meat is sold to the general public. A total of 89,525 carcasses were inspected (4,195 bovines, 48,437 goats, 583 sheep and 36,310 pigs).

Fellow Malawians, note that a total of 1,097,681 animals were dewormed (78,530 cattle, 169,128 goats, 10,130 sheep, 154,263 pigs and 685,630 chickens). The activity was conducted to control internal parasites. On the other hand, a total of 1,041,884 animals (179,579 cattle, 220,593 goats, 5,002 sheep, 92,147 pigs and 544,563 chickens) were treated for various disorders.

Another good news is that in the Past month only, Dairy farmers in Milk Bulking Groups (MBGs) in Blantyre and Lilongwe ADDs produced 3,103,320 litres of milk and formally sold 3,052,362 litres at an average price of K200 per litre and realized K610,472,400. The main dairy processors who bought the milk were Lilongwe Dairy, Suncrest Creameries, Capital Dairy, Afri-Dairy, Universal Dairy, Blantyre Dairy and Malawi Dairy Industry (MDI). A total of 50,958 litres were either consumed or sold locally.

 The Ministry will continue to undertake a number of interventions aimed at revamping this Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development to help in impacting economic growth.

 A better and prosperous Malawi is possible under His Excellency Dr Lazarus Chakwera, The President of Republic of Malawi and we will remain committed to serve you diligently all the time.

Stay Blessed.

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