General Technical Services through departmental mandates:

Agricultural Research and Development Services

Conducts demand-driven research that generates and sustain environmentally friendly agricultural technology and information that can be utilized in agricultural production.

Extension Services

Promote high quality pluralistic and demand-driven agricultural extension services that enhance adoption of improved technology for all gender categories and vulnerable groups in order to improve and sustain agricultural productivity for improved food, nutrition and income security that contribute to socio-economic growth.

Land Resources Conservation Services

Provide expert advice on land use and soils management to avoid land use conflict and ensure socio-economic development for all Malawians.

Crop Development Services

Promote a balanced and diversified production of food and cash crops to meet the country`s requirement for food, foreign exchange, and raising rural income while maintaining the active potential of the land.

Animal Health and Livestock Development Services

To promote sustainable livestock development to improve nutritional well-being of Malawians and improved rural livelihoods while guaranteeing the safety of the general public from consumption and utilization of livestock products and byproducts.

 Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Services

Provide professional services to ensure sustainable fisheries resource utilization and enhanced aquaculture through principles of good governance.

Agricultural Planning Services

Provide services in Policy Formulation and review, Program/Project development and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Direct Public Oriented Services:


Free Services:

Paid-for Services:

  • Farm Mechanization: Hire of tractors
  • Crop Husbandry: Tobacco farming Permit
  • Crop Husbandry: Seed certification
  • Animal Health: Dogs Vaccination
  • Crop Husbandry: Agriculture Extension
  • Crop Husbandry: Smallholder farms Pest outbreak control
  • Animal Health: Livestock for slaughter check-up 
  • Animal Health: Infested/Disease Outbreak area quarantine


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